How Do I Get involved?

Obudu Association in North America (OANA) is the umbrella organization for all Obudu people residing in North America and beyond.  Our members  aspire to work in collaboration with one another in some specific areas such as peer networking, project identification and execution, and mentoring as needed to alleviate obvious obstacles that hinder some of our community members from excelling on their own in this challenging world. We are committed to bringing enlightenment to our communities through our core programs.

Please consider getting involved with the association. We have projects for everyone. You may also create your own project and run with it. This is what one of our daughters have just done recently through her school. Everyone can get involved with OANA projects, whether you are Obudu born or friend of Obudu people.  Here are few ways that people are getting involved with OANA.

Become a Member

OANA Membership is open to all Obudu indigenes who currently or have previously resided in North America.


See all the options available for contribution as member or friend of OANA


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our association. Bring your experience to help bring our projects to life.


Invite Friends

We are excited that your friends are interested in participating with OANA. Your friends can participate with OANA through the following avenues:

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